Free Prequel Novella

Free Prequel Novella

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At the beginning of the first Slater and Norman novel, Death of A Temptress, Slater has been suspended from duty at the hands of the Serious Crime Unit. Maybe you wondered how he came to be in this unfortunate position. Adapted from the Alfie Bowman novella A Handsome Stranger this story is about the botched operation for which Slater was made the SCU’s sacrificial lamb. 
I hope you enjoy it.
Peter (P.F.) Ford

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About P.F. Ford

Having spent most of his life trying to be the person everyone else wanted him to be, P.F. (Peter) Ford was a late starter when it came to writing. Having tried many years ago (before the advent of self-published ebooks) and been turned down by every publisher he approached, it was a case of being told now will you accept you cant write and get back to work.

But then a few years ago, having been unhappy for over 50 years of his life, Peter decided he had no intention of carrying on that way. Fast forward a few years and you find a man transformed. Having found a partner (now wife) who believes dreamers should be encouraged and not denied, he first wrote (under the name Peter Ford) and published some short reports and a couple of books about the life changing benefits of positive thinking.

Now, happily settled in Wales, and no longer constrained by the idea of having to keep everyone else happy, Peter is blissfully happy being himself, sharing his life with wife Mary and their four rescue dogs, and living his dream writing fiction.